Thursday, April 23, 2015

PPP5:Girlfriend Getaway

What an eventful weekend! I had the chance of attending the Pink Pumps and Paparazzi Fashion Shoe Show. I did attend it last year but this year the ladies of Bdonnas teamed up with Dallas promoters Party Chaser, and handbag designer Jacque M to step it up a notch! It wasn’t just one day full of events, it was the entire weekend!! Friday through Sunday you had a chance to get relationship advice, learn ways how to fix your credit, and of course shop with over 40 vendors! If you want to know yes I was exhausted but it was well worth the trip!

Friday was Pillow Talk with Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss and Basketball Wives LA Draya Michele, hosted by Dede McGuire and Lady Jade of K104. This was actually my favorite part of the weekend. We were able to get up close and personal with the ladies about relationships and how to balance life with a demanding career.

Who ever knew that Draya was so freaking funny!  She had me laughing on how she doesn’t like competition and is always trying to figure out ways to stomp them. Then there was Kandi, who is always the voice of reason, that stated “why hate on competition, you can just join them and figure out a way to make this money together!”
Another question was how do you come up with a good team? Kandi answered “Find people that specialize and has a good track record of what you’re looking for.” That question couldn’t have come at a better time!
Those ladies are girl bosses for sure! I learned a few things from them and I hope meet them again in the future!

The ladies of K104, Dede McGuire and Lady Jade sure do know how to get you to tell ALL of your business! Some of those stories I just couldn't handle! LOL

Tamara Starks, CEO of Treasure Chest Virgin Hair. It was nice seeing this lady!

Saturday morning started the day with Stiletto Dance lessons with dance instructor J.Samone, then that afternoon checked in to Cupcakes & Credit with Luxourious Credit, followed by shopping with some vendors, and then that night a ride on the party bus to one of Dallas hottest nightclubs.
Sunday it was time to gear up for the actually fashion show! But before the show we had a chance to get some words of encouragement from motivational speaker Dana Chanel.
Check below for some highlights from the night!

Fitness and Hair Guru Britney McGee and CEO of Runway Riches Tracee Smith.

I Want DJ Duffey!! Yep, that’s her stage name! Do you know of any other female DJ that looks like this?! Don’t worry I’ll wait…
Destiny McGill owner of WhipLash Studio

Draya walking the runway with her new collection from Mint Swim.

The ladies behind Bdonnas and handbag designer Jacque M.

Model Rodnesha has been killing the Dallas runways! Keep a look out for her, she's going places!
By attending these events and being media, some things might not go as planned but you have to try to find the good in frustrating situations. We might have had to wait a bit to be seated but we were able to network and meet the owners of the vendors and have drinks!
I almost forgot to mention the venue. It was at the Hilton Dallas Rockwall Lakefront hotel  . What a beautiful view! I will be definitely be returning there soon! I look forward to the next Pink Pumps and Paparazzi event. Congrats to the Bdonnas team on putting on another great show!
Photography by

 D.Lacy Photography
C.Rene Photography


Sunday, April 12, 2015

City Chic

City Chic

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Positive Vibes Only...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Outfit Of the Day: Grunge Hippie

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter weekend!! It’s always great to spend quality time with family and friends!

So, guess what?! I finally got a “bloggers” camera! It seem like that was the piece that was missing to my blogger puzzle lol. Now I have this burst of energy to do more! There will be more! More outfit of the days, more themed photo shoots, and more product reviews! I just wish I didn't wait so long to get it. Well now that I have it, there is work to be done! 

 Don’t Be Basic! I came across this shirt in Target and I knew that it had to be mine! This shirt is a statement. Basic is blending in, being the same as others. I’m finally learning that it’s ok to be different! .

I wanted to go for a grunge hippie look.  It was very easily to accomplish this look  with the fringe bag and short flat boots for the vintage hippie vibe, and the statement tee with the blue jean jacket, which made up the grunge feeling.   

Check out the outfit details below!!

T-Shirt- $12.99Target
Jean Jacket- $29.99 Merona (Target)
Maxi Skirt- $27.95 Vince Camuto (Dillards)
Fringe Bag- $14.00 Clothes Mentor
Boots-$15.00 Rainbow 

I can always appreciate a nice casual outfit on a budget, can’t you?! Be sure to follow me Instagram @fyijoycelynn.


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