Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Obsessions

 Fall is officially here! That means back to scarves, blazers, tights, and boots for me! Here is a list of my fall favorites and trends...
Nudes and chocolates
Whether it’s a lip stick or fingernail polish, these colors are perfect for the season. Nothing says effortless chic than a natural face topped off with a nude lipstick.

Thanks to my make-up artist Keriana that introduced me to the chocolate lip stick. What’s crazy is that she created it herself with just a brown liner and the Velvet Teddy lip stick from MAC! #skills

Mary Kay-Beaute' Natruelle
MAC-Velvet Teddy
Mary Kay-Chocolate
Beauty Control-Bare
Glamour RX-Brilliant Sand
Mary Kay-Lip Liner Cappuccino
Let’s not forget everybody’s favorite fall lippies in wine, deep purples, and even black! Above is an autumn lip color list that I took from Instagram. These colors you can create or search for them at your favorite make up counter and drug store!
Floppy Hats & Fedoras
Floppy hats have been a fashionistas favorite since the last fall season. I love wearing mine when it’s cold and rainy or being stylish working behind the scenes of a photo shoot.
And fellas, go ahead and purchase you a fedora for the fall! It’s just not for the warm weather to go along with your man sandals! Go ahead and try pairing it with your favorite blazer!



I promise I should have been born in New York or New Jersey the way I’m obsessed with fur! I need to move north so I can have a reason to wear them. Texas people be about to have a heart attack when they see someone with fur! LOL

Don’t just try it in your traditional brown, black, or leopard! Go loud and try a colored fur!



I can’t wait to snag this eco-friendly fur piece from To Be think and Wear!  Be sure to check out the Autumn/Winter collection at 
 The cut-out boot                                                   

I think these cut out boots are so unique but I have no clue on how to wear them! Are you supposed to wear socks?! Anyway, they’re cute and they add some edge to your old plain boot.


The Pants Suit

To be honest, a tailored perfect pants suit is classic for any season! Having a black or grey pants suit is a must but having one in a bright color you will be making a statement!



So we all have trouble finding out what colors are in for the season. Well, I came across this awesome site called that had colors and hues that will have you set for the fall! Check it out below! 

It’s still pretty early in the season so there could possibly be a part 2 of my fall obsessions, but what do you think of the list so far?! Comment below!!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Girl Gone Bad

Going into wardrobe styling I want to be able to take on all kinds of styles and themes. It seem like my strong points are doing more classy looks and your all American teenagers. With this photo shoot I was wanting go for a more edgy look. My model Whitney had the perfect hairstyle, Latisha from L’Miche Boutique supplied me with an awesome neck piece, and Bojack gave me made my vision into reality with his camera lens.  


It’s hard for me to lose that classy touch, so I just had to have a blazer. I had Whitney to go bra-less along with this cross statement necklace to give that bad girl vibe.




I have more photo shoots coming up so I have no choice to get better right! J I do believe in challenging yourself to produce growth. It’s not easy putting yourself out there as an “artisit”, and sharing your ideas with others, but I believe that hard work pays off and I’m ready to see where this stylist life will take me!

Special Thanks to…
Accessories- LaTisha L’Miche Boutique



Thursday, September 4, 2014 (SCAM)

When you make purchases online, you are suppose to be confident that the item that you’re buying is going to be the one that shows up at your doorstep. I just had a horrible experience with an online boutique called! I thought that I was purchasing this gorgeous black and white maxi dress, but it turned out to be the perfect dress for a toddler! I was beyond disappointed. I should have known that it was too good to be true, and that I was going to get a beautiful flowing maxi dress for ONLY $13.00!!

It wasn’t until after I made my purchase that I found out the was a scam!! I read on their facebook page how many people never received their orders, how some clothes came to customers stained, or it was just the wrong items. I was trying to found out why mines came so small because I know that I checked the size large box!? I found out the manufacture is out of China and that the clothes were based on their sizing chart! Tragedy…

My advice for shopping online…
·         Check for reviews, especially if they are a new business or if you have never heard of the company before.

·         Check if the online store as social media accounts. The most honest people are on social media and will comment under pictures to let others know if they liked their products or not.

·         Check the sizing charts. If the site does not have a sizing chart then you should be able to contact the person in charge to see if items are true to size.

·         Be sure to read their policy on returns.

I could sell the dress but I’m just going to reconstruct it to something else! Lol

Have you had a bad experience with an online boutique?!
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's get carried away... Tulle Skirt

I’ve wanted a black tulle skirt for forever (at least a year)!! I could not find one within my reach or price range. So I said forget it, I will just make me one! After 2 days, 2 trips to hobby lobby, and several spools of tulle later, my skirt came to life!


Now, I know what you’re thinking… Where in the hell am I supposed to wear a skirt like this? Well… Fall is on its way and you will have plenty of festivities to play dress up at; homecomings, weddings, birthdays, banquets, Halloween, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve. You’re welcome!!






Outfit Details
Pearls- Icing & Body Central
CC Broach-

Because of the tulle being so sheer and the wind blowing, I wore a black pencil skirt underneath. My goal for my next tulle skirt is to sew a lining so you can’t see through it. I also wore an oversize belt on the top of the skirt to calm down the poofiness and to show my waistline.
Special thank you to Dashown of Chic Photography for my awesome photos, and Keriana Gainer for doing my make up!
Would you rock a tulle skirt!?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Discussion: The Plus Size Era

Over the course of the year I’ve seen the plus size empire grow rapidly from plus size bloggers, to major stores like Forever 21 and H&M carrying plus size clothing, to television shows.
What is plus size…
Clothing or people, of a size larger than the normal range.
What is considered normal? The average American woman is a size 14. In the model world anything over a size 8 or 10 is considered plus size…
The Market 
I remember when there were only a few stores that carried plus sizes and little to none online stores.  So did the market finally realize that there was a group of people who are eager to spend money on clothes that are not attainable? I guess so!

The style
The style selections have changed over time as well. I’ve notice now you can get the same size shirt, skirt, dress that is in the “normal” section in the plus size section. I’m glad that designers and stores are making a better effort to supply stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories.
This topic does remind me of a phrase that I’ve always heard when it comes to plus size clothing… “Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean it’s for you.” That phrase is pretty cruel! I think the proper way to say it is that “this item might be in your size BUT it’s still important to dress for your shape.” Even girls of smaller sizes could purchase an item and its looks awkward on them because of the way they are shaped.
No matter what size you are, you are beautiful! This makes me think of the new song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. The song is giving a message that it’s ok to have a little extra! Lol J Check it out!

Join the Conversation!

This is a pretty broad subject and can go many directions. Though plus size fashion has come a long way, what are some things that stores and designers should work on? What is your basic few of this era of plus size fashion? Comment below!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FYI The Weekender

Hey you guys! I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! This weekend was pretty fun filled with events and networking of course! I’m here to give you the rundown of those festivities!
 My first event that I attended was the pre-grand opening of the Browning Learning Academy. This event was not fashion related but we must shine light on people who are trying to better themselves and the community. Founder Andrea Smith, MBA, MPA, states that “The browning Learning Academy, Inc. seeks to create a hands-on teaching environment that encourages learning through age-appropriate, development-appropriate & movement-based instructional activities…Each student’s self-esteem and individual needs are fostered by positive relationships with students and staff.” 


Good Luck Andrea! I wish the best for you and the Browning Learning Academy!!
Saturday I attended my good friend Taylor Morgan’s (@electricstyle) benefit concert “Whispers in the Wind”. There was definitely some awesome talent in the room! Don’t let me forget to mention how good the crowd looked! 

Taylor picked  a great place to have the concert. Anytime where there are drinks, smooth sounds and accompanied by great people, sounds like a good night to me!


 I’m starting to enjoy live performances more. I like when singers and musicians make the audience involved with their performance. Stage presence is a must for me to tune in! Kudos to Taylor for selecting a great group of musicians!
 Photography- Fotophresh by DG

Sunday, was an event that I got noticed on last minute but glad I attended! Tim Jon Salon presented a fall style premiere where panelist gave tips and info about different looks to achieve. The panel included the make-up brand Glamour RX, Luxury Trade, Katera Collection, Endless Flow Hair and hairstylist from Tim Jon Salon.

Check below of some of the looks that this awesome panel put together!




Special thanks to Bethany of Endless Flow Hair (@endlessflowhair) for the invite!

This weekend will be pretty chill for me. No events but I’m planning for the Fall Fashion mixer 2014! Stay tuned!